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90% see a benefit...

A/P Virtual Payment Card

Employee Healthcare

Freight & Shipping

Hourly Worker Same Day Pay

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90% see a benefit...

Class Action

Copier & Printer

Cost Segregation

Credit Card


Parcel Shipping

Property Tax

R & D

Waste & Recycle


Workers' Comp

Workforce Hires

Zero Cost Processing

Copier & Printer • Credit Card • Parcel Audit • Parcel Shipping • Waste & Recycle • Wireless • Workers Comp

Increase your business efficiency without changing how you do business.  Our service experts review current contracts and service statements looking for opportunities to save you money. These are managed services that afford you peace of mind knowing you’re not overpaying while allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is run your business. Leave the rest to us. And if we find you are not being over-billed or over-charged in one of these areas...there is no charge for our assessment.
Expense Reduction Value Delivered to-Date • $150+ Million

Accounts Payable • Class Action Settlements • Energy • Healthcare • Instant Pay • Zero Cost Processing

Transform your Accounts Payable department into an additional revenue channel and improve efficiency & security of paying your vendors, with no additional cost, or change in your accounting software. Also, recover money spent earlier running the business. We track open class action settlement cases and notify you when we believe you may be eligible to participate in these settlements. We can act on your behalf to ensure all of eligible business units (e.g., subsidiaries, divisions, acquisitions and divestitures) are included to maximize your recovery. Additional opportunities also exist to capture specialized savings that lower energy and healthcare cost as well as give hourly employees instant access to their earned wages.
Specialized Savings Value Delivered to-Date • $200+ Million

Cost Segregation • Hiring Incentives • Property Tax Credits  • R & D Credits

Reduce your tax liability and increase near term cash flow by implementing programs and strategies at the state, local, and federal levels resulting from special tax code provisions that are often not fully captured. Documentation required for these programs is often outside the scope of work provided by your financial team. Our business process and tax experts will work with your team, get the required information and run the detailed engineering studies and data validation to enable you to take full advantage of what’s available to your business.
Tax Incentive Value Delivered to-Date • $500+ Million